McDonald's Japan Confirms Pokemon GO Collaboration


Nintendo has been forced to delay the launch of smash-hit video game Pokemon Go in Japan after details leaked of a McDonald's sponsorship deal.

Unfortunately for impatient Japanese gamers, McDonald's didn't give an exact release date today, but stated that their collaboration was slated to go into effect "soon".

Pokémon Go is altering the face of mobile gaming, impacting the players but most noticeably the market.

In the augmented reality game developed by Niantic and The Pokemon Company, players travel around the real world to capture and train creatures known as Pokemon - the most famous of which is Pikachu.

The home of the golden arches will become the first major company to partner with Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go, the Associated Press reports.

The first "Pokemon Go" malware, including "Pokemon Go Ultimate", "Guide & Cheats for Pokemon Go" and "Install Pokemon", were found on Google Play earlier this month, and Google removed them upon spotting them. It is now available in 35 countries.

For Nintendo, "Pokemon Go" just keeps on giving.

According to Tech Crunch's translation, Nikkei is now reporting that Japanese launch will come tomorrow, July 21 instead, although no official confirmation or statement has been given.

"The technical challenge for us is having enough server capacity on the back end to handle that number of users", he said. But what we do know is that McDonalds is confirming that they are indeed in a partnership to turn their 3,000 or so stores in Japan into "gyms" for the Pokemon collectors.

What's Pokemon Go is all about? Shares of the fast food chain surged as much as 10% after the announcement, which is the highest price level since 2001.

In related "Pokemon Go" news, ccording to GameStop CEO Paul Raines, Niantic's latest game is helping the retail store. Many players would agree with us on the fact that the game still has a lot of issues, circling mostly around servers.