McDonald's bungled a rare condiment promotion, leaving screaming customers and $280 packets

McDonald's bungled a rare condiment promotion, leaving screaming customers and $280 packets

McDonald's recently introduced new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders along with a selection of sauces and posters highlighting those sauces.

Caving to a running gag on the popular TV show, McDonald's offered to hand out a limited edition of a defunct Szechuan dipping sauce at its shops on Saturday. The police were called, there was carnage, and enraged fans soon took to social media to vent their frustration in an embarrassing state of affairs for Maccy D's. To make it up to fans, McDonald's said that they had "worked to open any portal necessary" to make the sauce available, and that the condiment will be back in restaurants for a longer run this winter.

Supplies quickly ran out when hordes of rabid "Rick and Morty" fans descended on McDonald's restaurants in Welllington, Florida, and also New York City, where ComicCon was underway.

McDonald's, apparently, didn't deliver enough of the sauce packets to satisfy dedicated "Rick and Morty" fans, who lined up nationally under the Golden Arches for their golden opportunity at the fabled sauce.

Yesterday, we were truly humbled by the incredible curiosity, passion and energy this community showed to welcome back Szechuan Sauce-even if just for one day.

McDonald's now says it will release the sauce - in bulk- this winter.

So Rick and Morty fans who did not get their sauce probably should just wait a couple of months rather than spend $1,000 to get it now.

McDonald's (US) addressed the situation on Monday, posting a statement on Facebook promising "lots more #SzechuanSauce and locations". "Technology is wonderful. But delivering for our customers is better still", said McDonald's Chef Michael Haracz.

"Our super-limited batch, though well intentioned, clearly wasn't enough to meet that demand", the company tweeted, in a major understatement of events. "We're gonna make this right", the message said.

One Twitter user posted a video of an angry crowd chanting "We want sauce".