Mayweather Not Offended by McGregor's 'Boy' Comment But "Racism Still Exists"

Mayweather Not Offended by McGregor's 'Boy' Comment But

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'This is a boxing match. It's actually "the fight before the fight", with the two stars trading blows, in the form of profanities, abuses, taunts and so on.

White told reporters last November that Trump, just days before winning the presidential election, was strongly considering attending UFC 205 in NY, which took place just days later.

After that press conference, McGregor had a quick interview with Jimmy Kimmel's Guillermo in a segment that aired Wednesday night. The Irishman, McGregor, perhaps inspired by the Indian PM, took it to another level.

Mayweather and McGregor met on Wednesday for just the second time, jarring toe-to-toe for more than three minutes in the initial faceoff in front of a largely pro-McGregor crowd at Toronto's Budweiser Stage.

In America, calling an African American man a "boy" has significant racial connotations. For how bulletproof they seem, both Mayweather and McGregor have incredible egos and for one of them to look and see their people laughing along with the crowd whilst being torched.there would be some serious dissention in the ranks.

He added: "I still think they are looking at the very early UFC fights when some of the skills weren't as well developed".

"He can't even afford a suit anymore", said McGregor.

"You're getting f**ked", McGregor roared. What do you need a schoolbag for? "You can't even read". The Washington Post notes that McGregor then said, "Dance for me, sir!".

McGregor also brought up the prop that Mayweather used on Tuesday when he pulled out a Louis Vuitton backpack and proceeded to flash a $100 million check that had never been cashed as proof that his supposed tax problems were nothing more than fake news.

The next stop later today is NY. "They're trying to set me up, catch me off guard, get me in awkward position, but I thrive in awkward positions".

Floyd Mayweather has won fifteen world titles and is undefeated in his proffesional boxing career.

Mayweather is a massive favourite going into the fight, especially given that McGregor has no professional boxing experience. "Our sport might not ever recover".