Matthew Michael Carnahan, Scribe Of ‘WWZ’ Rounds Out His ‘Violent Talent’ Cast

Hollywood, CA, 08/14/2013 (nysepost) – Linda Emond and Ray Liotta have been added by Matthew Michael Carnahan to the cast of Violent Talent that includes Riz Ahmed, Toby Kebbell, Margot Robbie and Garrett Hedlund. Liotta and Emond will play the role of parents of Hedlund’s character. The character of Garrett teams with his two oldest friends Quan and Angel (Ahmed and Kebbell) to build a criminal empire in a contemporary Chicago. He feels that crime might be the most honest job around in Chicago.

The (twice) Tony nominated actress, Emond, will next be seen in Project V of Terrence Malick and Liotta stars next in “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” and “Stretch”. Violent Talent is being produced by Tracy Falco. The inspiration for the film was fixation of Matthew Michael Carnahan with the breakout film of Liotta, Goodfellas and a gap that Francis Coppola left in the formative years of Don Corleone in the first 2 “Godfather” films.

Carnahan told the reporter that the story which he is trying to tell is the building of criminal empire and while “The Godfather” got at it a little bit, and so did “Goodfellas”. He said that while he was watching the 1st half of 2nd Godfather, he saw that Vito Corleone becomes the Don by shooting the Black Hand and he was having the olive oil import sign. Carnahan realized that there should be more to it, to become the boss he was, in the first film.

Carnahan begins shooting early next year in Chicago. It will be cold there at that time but he is just getting over the craziness that went into WWZ, which received one of the coldest formal parties ever for a film that had not been seen by anyone. Everyone’s bailment on the Russian massive battle scene that consisted of the original ending of the film was not surprising to Carnahan and he opted for a climax that makes a sequel challenging but was tense.

He said that the original idea to end the film with a battle in Red Square near the tomb of Lenin turned into extra 750 in an abandoned tin factory of Budapest while the budget became more strained. So that was not good for him. Marc Forster, the director, took heat for needing a mulligan at the end of the film. Untitled and UTA rep Ray Liotta while Susan Smith and CAA rep Linda Emond.

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