Mass Effect Andromeda has a mobile companion app

Mass Effect Andromeda

So, yeah, give it a shot on EA/Origin Access, and then when you finish the trial, you can download any game from the Access Vault that you want.

If you've already pre-ordered Mass Effect: Andromeda, the free trial will convert to the full game when it releases on March 21.

The limited, ten hour trial is available now on through EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC. Do be warned though, there are spoilers in the thread. It's available to download now to anyone who subscribes to Electronic Arts premium-subscription service, and you can start playing it tomorrow (although some people are having luck getting it started today).

Called Apex HQ, the app tracks your progression in the mode, displaying information like which characters you've unlocked and what items and rewards you've collected. These trials are still available after the games in question are released. Melo even said that there is a link between the single and multiplayer features of the game; presumably in an attempt to render the latter not totally meaningless.

Mass Effect: Andromeda steps away from the events of the previous trilogy with fresh heroes, original adventures and a shiny new galaxy.

The PC version of Andromeda is potentially the best-looking and best-performing version of the game, so long as you have a powerful enough gaming desktop or laptop.