Marvel Studios Unleashes New Captain Marvel Poster

Marvel Studios Unleashes New Captain Marvel Poster

Watch the origin story chaos (above)!

We finally got some answers from the latest Captain Marvel trailer, which debuted on Monday night. We know that she is a Kree, a race of "noble warrior heroes" and that she has a badass group of friends with blue faces. Vinyl Figures that are tied-in to the highly-anticipated film that features Academy Award-winning actress Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, the titular heroine and perhaps the most powerful character in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain Marvel will hit cinemas in March next year, while Larson will also appear in the next Avengers instalment which is scheduled for release in May. This also all but confirms Captain Marvel is going to make an appearance in the first Avengers 4 trailer and unlike Black Panther's cameo in the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer, it'll be a big one. It's a deep love relationship; it's not by the same lustful definition that we usually attribute to movies of this size.

Enough of that. Check out the clip below and keep reading to see some of the best reactions to the Captain Marvel trailer.

CAPTAIN MARVEL brings us back in time to the 1990s before all of the events we have seen in the MCU. "We found you with no memory", Annette Bening's character says.

Fury asks Carol: "So, Skrulls are the bad guys?" In the comics Carol's cat is named "Chewie", but there's already a famous Chewie in the Disney portfolio, so introducing Goose. During the explosion, Danvers's DNA is combined with that of Mar-Vell, a Kree hero who was also present.

But the trailer than takes a turn, revealing that Danvers had a past life on Earth.

The trailer ends with a number of shots showcasing the true power that Captain Marvel can harness and unleash upon her enemies.

At San Diego Comic-Con in 2016, Marvel announced that Brie Larson would be playing Captain Marvel. "If anyone tells you different don't trust them".