Marvel Powers United VR: first trailer

D23: Marvel comes to VR with Oculus exclusive Powers United.

If you've ever wanted to play as Marvel favorites like Captain Marvel or Rocket Raccoon inside the confines of a virtual reality game, you'll want to check out Marvel Entertainment and Sanzaru Games' upcoming Marvel: Powers United VR. Speakers during the announcement discussed how different it felt playing different heroes in the game, saying that the height difference between Hulk and Rocket Raccoon was even taken into account to fully flesh out the VR experience. Quite naturally, a bunch of VR enthusiasts were not pleased with the news about the game being exclusive to the Oculus VR platform. Next week someone please ask if we get to play as him, will we have to crawl on our floors?

Disney Studios revealed the coolest game on the Oculus Rift and a dream come true experience for the Marvel fans at the D23 Expo today. Disney, which owns Marvel, is planning to reveal more about the game and announce some additional playable characters at the San Diego Comic-Con next week. They mention over on the official website that there will be "smart" "locomotion" implemented into the game, so you won't just teleport around.

Unfortunately, the Oculus Rift still costs around $500, so I'm also going to need that lead time to make some rich friends before it comes out.

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Powers United VR, an Oculus-exclusive, looks pretty similar to existing VR wave shooters like Robo Recall, though its multiplayer could spice things up a bit.