Manny Machado has an offer on the table

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With that in mind, another media member has tied mega free agent Manny Machado to the White Sox.

The 26-year-old shortstop completed a three-city visit before the holidays in December, when he met up with the White Sox, the Yankees and the Phillies.

Nightengale also mentions that the White Sox are staying in touch with Harper, but they haven't extended a formal offer to the superstar outfielder.

In fact, Machado's agent, Dan Lozano, is barely engaging clubs at the moment, seemingly taking his time and waiting for a team to jump, according to. The White Sox reportedly are one of two teams, along with the Philadelphia Phillies, to be interested in both Harper and Machado.

Nightengale's report falls in line with Wednesday's report that the team is willing to offer each the ten-plus-year deals they are looking for, while the White Sox won't go beyond seven years.

Machado has been mostly mum on the situation, but with a real offer on the table, there appears to be some progress toward reaching a decision. It appears the team knows that, and they are willing to break the bank to sign either player.

While the Sox offering Machado a contract doesn't guarantee he will sign with them, the franchise continues to show just how serious they are about building a winning ballclub.

The White Sox are making their push for Machado, but Nightengale mentions that friends believe Machado will sign with NY if the offers are in the same ballpark.

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In all likelihood, Machado will sign first and that will help set the market for the rest of the 2019 free agent class. If the Sox can sign either player, expect a re-energized fanbase to be present at Soxfest at the end of this month.