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Man attacked and killed by giant cassowary bird after falling over

Man attacked and killed by giant cassowary bird after falling over

The fire rescue department in Alachua county told the Gainesville Sun newspaper the cassowary killed the man on Friday on his property near Gainesville, in the north of the state.

Wildlife officials did not answer phone calls from The Associated Press and it could not be learned what happened to the bird.

According to the San Diego Zoo's website, cassowaries are the world's most risky bird, boasting a four-inch claw on each foot. When he fell, he was attacked, ' Deputy Chief Jeff Taylor told the newspaper.

A 75-year-old man has been killed by a large, flightless creature that is considered to be the "world's most risky bird".

Marvin Hajos, 75, died in hospital after he was attacked on his property in Alachua, about 120 miles northwest of Orlando, in what police described as a frightful accident.

Police added that the cassowary involved in the attack "remains secured on private property".

The largest cassowary species can stand up to 1.2 - 1.7 meters (5.6 feet) in height and weigh up to 76 kilograms (167 pounds).

A cassowary at Sydney Wild Life Zoo. It likely took the bird, which can run up to 31 miles per hour (50 kmph), mere seconds to close in on its prey and tear him into pieces.

The birds are not native to the U.S. and are usually found in Papua New Guinea and Australia and are bred for collection, rather than food.

"The cassowary can slice open any predator or potential threat with a single swift kick".

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Karen Parker said in order to get a mandatory permit, cassowary owners must have "substantial experience" and meet specific cage requirements.

She said the commission lists the cassowary as a type of wildlife that can "pose a danger to people".