Man arrested for Amanda Blackburn murder

Amanda Blackburn killed during home invasion

Taylor, who was previously taken into custody and released, was re-arrested Sunday night at a relative's home, according to police.

IMPD received federal assistance from the United States Marshals Services in the arrest. He faces a charge of preliminary murder in the November 10 shooting. "All victims of criminal homicides deserve closure, and as a community we must send a collective message that violence is not an option".

Detectives pieced together an account of the men entering the Blackburn home, which was unlocked, and confronting Amanda Blackburn, the pregnant mother of a toddler who was awaiting the return of his husband Davey, a pastor, from an early morning workout. "Our detectives have worked tirelessly going days without sleep to solve murders in our city". The station also reported that all three will be charged in at least three more burglaries as well as a sexual assault. Their 15-month-old son, Weston, was in his crib at the time but was not harmed.

Police say Taylor was one of four suspects brought in for questioning about Blackburn's death earlier in the week.

Detectives say the trio then moved to another address where investigators believe two of the suspects were captured on surveillance video burglarizing a neighbor's apartment. The weapon was submitted for testing at a crime lab to determine whether it was connected with the Blackburn killing, IMPD Lt Richard Riddle said last week.