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Maleah Davis’s Stepfather Admits Dumping Body After Child ‘Died In An Accident’

Reward increases in search for missing 4-year-old: 'It is time to find Maleah'

Shortly after the search began, Singleton said his department was notified that a work crew in neighboring Fulton had discovered a black garbage bag off the side of a road emitting a foul odor.

"If this is the little girl, we want to make sure that we treat it with respect and dignity", Singleton said.

Human remains, found on Friday, during the ongoing search for missing 4-year-old child, Maleah Davis may belong to her.

The search for the little girl came to a head after investigators were pointed away from Texas and into Arkansas, where the ex-fiance of Maleah's mother allegedly said he dumped the child's body after an "accident".

This led officers to their search in Arkansas Friday afternoon.

Quanell X, a local civil rights activist, says he spoke on Friday in jail with Derion Vence, who had earlier claimed Maleah was abducted.

An Amber Alert was issued for 5-year-old Maleah Davis, who was last seen wearing a pink bow in her hair, a light blue zip-up jacket, blue jeans and gray, white and pink sneakers.

According to CBS affiliate KHOU, Derion Vence told a community activist in Houston known as Quanell X that he dumped a trash bag that contained the body on the side of the road in Arkansas. Quanell X declined to comment on what happened to Maleah.

"If it's not Maleah, it's somebody's child", he said.

Quanell met with reporters in a southwest Houston parking lot where he met with Texas EquuSearch and detectives about what Vence told him.

Maleah Davis in a undated photo released by the Houston Police Department.

Vence has been incarcerated for about three weeks since his arrest on a charge of tampering with evidence, specifically a human corpse.

Quanell X says Vence said Friday morning that Maleah died by accident and confessed he drove to Arkansas, where he dumped the girl's body.

"I don't think she knows where Maleah is, but I do believe she knows what happened", X told KHOU 11 News Anchor Len Cannon.

At the beginning of May, Vence told police he was driving with the young girl and his toddler son in the auto when he heard a loud noise and pulled over.

Bowens says she was out of state when Maleah vanished. He said he and his son were freed the next day but the kidnappers kept Maleah and his silver Nissan Altima.

Video shows Vence was dropped off at the hospital in the vehicle he claims was stolen.

Investigators also viewed footage captured from the porch of an apartment next to Vence's, according to the affidavit.

In a statement, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said her office has spoken with Vence's attorney and there is no agreement in the case.

Vence returned a few minutes later and then walks back out of the apartment carrying cleaning supplies, including bleach, according to the documents.