Make your Valentine's Day special with Messenger

Facebook Messenger Relationship Third Wheel

Clearly, these features are intended for those who love to share the love, but the real question Facebook and we are asking is does anyone really use Facebook's relationship status anymore?

From this day forth, if you make it "FB official" (meaning publicly declaring you're in a relationship with someone), you'll see a new Messenger conversation window open up.

Heart shower: hearts will be raining all across the screen.

That'll deliver some new decorative options, a new loved-up custom emoji and the chance to give your new partner a pet name. The custom emoji found in the lower right hand corner will also be the one with heart eyes.

That person you probably spend more time chatting with than anyone on earth, will also be the first name on the Active tab in case you want to do a little more.

Facebook will prompt you to customise your chat by setting a text color, emoji, and nickname. Interesting enough, men and women express their love via emojis similarly and when it comes to personalizing their chat, red is the most popular.

Moreover, if you are planning to send someone a love note tomorrow, Messenger Camera will make it special by adding a variety of fun filters and effects.

Facebook understands that emojis are the new love language and this is so since over 2 billion emojis are shared everyday on Messenger where and ❤ ranked in the top 5 most popular emojis. Some of these filters or effects include falling candy hearts and or a Queen f Hearts filter. The app also has your significant other appear at the top of Messenger's Active tab, which is great for those who chat the most with their significant other.