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Main Event Plans for This Year's SummerSlam

WWE RAW Preview 7 10 17

A match between the two was a sure thing, and it was made official one week before Great Balls of Fire.

Several superstars will do battle and some of these encounters could get brutal.

Miz and Dean Ambrose are going at it again in a never-ending rivalry that never seems to stop.

Cruiserweight Championship - Neville (c) vs. Akira Tozawa (Kickoff Show): Now that Tozawa is being courted by the Titus Brand, he's received a booked match for the title at the PPV. "It's going to be interesting to see how Brock responds to someone "out-Brocking" him". The only difference is this time Miz has a couple new friends in Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. However, If Samoa Joe can't be able to retain at this Event.Story of Summer slam will be Entirely different for Universal Championship.

Rollins has not had a decent storyline since beating Triple H at WrestleMania, and Wyatt is still recovering from his botched WWE title angle with Randy Orton.

Given this time past year he was the WWE World Heavyweight champion, Ambrose's stock has fallen a great deal and his character needs a major switch or his "lunatic" personality explained better, because right now he just tells bad jokes. He has destroyed Paul Heyman, then brought the fight to Lesnar on not one, but two occasions. That's about it. But this does give a chance for WWE to book Wyatt better and hand him a win against the King Slayer and get the momentum back on his side. Just quite what these four innovators will come up with now they have a solid half-hour to work with is anyone's guess, but it won't be the kind of affair that'll have you reaching for the remote.

Normally, Alexa Bliss is dealing with being the smaller performer in a match, and tends to focus on how she can outsmart her larger opponent, but Sasha is the next-smallest women's wrestler on the RAW roster. But it should still be a good match. You can answer questions about who is going to win, over/under's in matches and gain points for each prediction.

While it's still entirely possible that Reigns can win the match and use that as a propeller for a Universal title shot at SummerSlam, it's telling that Meltzer still said the match is set regardless of the outcome.

Josh Isenberg: I think Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar needs to go at least 17 to 20 minutes. This match is a first for both, as it is going to be the first time for Joe to face Lesnar, while it will be Lesnar's first title defense since winning the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 33. You need this to go longer because end of the day Samoa Joe is going to be become a badass even if he loses. Let's hope WWE sees money and allows them to get it on again because we can already tell just one match between these two massive men won't be enough.