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Magnitude 4.6 earthquake hits just outside Seattle

A map showing the location of a 4.6 magnitude earthquake in Three Lakes Washington

A magnitude-4.6 quake that struck outside Seattle has reportedly been felt as far north as the Vancouver area.

The tremor, which hit the Three Lakes area of Washington State, less than 20 km from Everett, was measured at magnitude-4.6 around 2:51 am today. It came days after a swarm of more than two dozen small earthquakes shook under Mount Hood. The USGS said it received reports of people feeling the shaking from Vancouver to near Wenatchee, Washington. The most recent large one to shake the Seattle area occurred in 2001, when a 6.8 magnitude quake happened just north of Olympia, Washington.

There are reports of items falling off walls and shelves but no reports of damage.

The quake struck as millions of people in Southern California are on edge and anxious about their safety after two large earthquakes and more than 4,000 aftershocks.

Within a minute the 3.5 quake hit near Monroe. Such quakes are common in the Cascade Mountain range.