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Macron tells Saudi prince worldwide experts needed in Khashoggi probes - Elysee

Macron tells Saudi prince worldwide experts needed in Khashoggi probes - Elysee

Trump has had no discussion yet with the crown prince but would not rule one out. He told reporters he "exchanged pleasantries" with the Saudi leader but nothing more, adding that a meeting "might" happen, per CNN's Jeff Zeleny.

Mattis and Pompeo urged senators to support the U.S. involvement in the war in Yemen, including assistance to Saudi Arabia.

The two leaders met at Salman's residence in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires on the sidelines of the G-20 summit.

G20 leaders had earlier largely blanked the crown prince as they gathered for the "family photo" - apart from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who greeted the prince enthusiastically with a high-five and smiles.

Both Putin and the Crown Prince have been accused of having journalists killed, and both leaders have made negative headlines in the United States recently.

French President Emmanuel Macron also spoke to the prince about the killing Khashoggi, his office confirmed.

Bin Salman told Macron not to worry, but Macron replied, "I am anxious".

In the field of energy, they discussed the kingdom's readiness to supply India with all of its needs of oil and petroleum products, as well as Saudi Aramco's investment in refineries in India, especially the large refinery on the western coast of India and in the field of crude oil storage, the report said.

Saudi-owned broadcaster Al Arabiya posted video on Twitter showing a cordial handshake between bin Salman and Chinese President Xi Jinping as the two held a bilateral meeting.

The killing of Khashoggi has strained Saudi Arabia's ties with the West and battered Prince Mohammed's image overseas. Trump received a great deal of backlash for his response to Khashoggi's brutal murder after refusing to condemn the Crown Prince's involvement.

One of the leaders Mr Putin was scheduled to have more formal bi-lateral talks with was German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Missing entirely was Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose arrival was delayed for the better part of a day by a serious technical failure on her plane, which forced her to return to Germany Thursday night.

With such a keen focus on the US President's trade policies, Mr Trump started the summit with what he certainly considers a win.