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Apple to Release 8 Core Macbook

"Whether it's college students mastering a course of study, developers building world-class apps or video editors creating feature films, we're constantly amazed at what our customers do with their MacBook Pro", said Tom Boger, Apple's senior director of Mac Product Marketing.

MacBook Pro is one of the advance gadgets which is ever launched by Apple which supports new technology and some interesting design. As the new MacBook pro adds 9th Generation Intel core processor which is fast. MacBook Pro now delivers two times faster performance than a quad-core MacBook Pro and 40 percent more performance than a 6-core MacBook Pro, making it the fastest Mac notebook ever according to the company.

The new entry-level 15-inch MacBook Pro now features a 6-core 9th-generation processor, whilst 13-inch MacBook Pro models now include a quad-core 8th-generation processor as standard, though this can be upgraded when purchasing online or in Apple Stores.

The new generation of Apple's low profile, "butterfly" MacBook key design looks an bad lot like the previous problematic generation except for a few subtle differences.

The top version of the new 8 core MacBook comes with a 2.4GHz 8 core Intel Core i9 processor and 32GB of RAM.

3D designers can render scenes up to two times faster in Maya Arnold.

They took a close look at the "new materials" the Cupertino firm added to the keyboard that are created to reduce issues with keyboards on previous models, thich included sticky and repeating keys. As the new MacBook is now available in stores Apple has made a price cut off on earlier models which were launched back in 2017 and 2018. The program addresses the "very small percentage" of MacBook Pro laptops that experience one of two display issues: complete backlight loss or intermittent/continuous vertical bright spots across the bottom of the display. He contributes to the site with tech news, but you will also see some updates on scientific breakthroughs regarding the biophysical environment or wildlife welfare.