MacBook Air 2016 Release In December Instead Of On Black Friday

MacBook Air 2016 Release In December Instead Of On Black Friday

Best Buy has their ad prominently displayed with Black Friday Doorbusters with doors opening on Thanksgiving Thursday at 5 PM, then closes at Friday 1 AM, then re-opens at 8 AM.

According to a Macworld report, MacBook Air 2016 will release in December. If the release date would coincide with the big sales event, people would more likely purchase discounted offers and cheap bundles rather than shell out a huge amount of money on a newly released notebook. A report from Canaccord Genuity showed that Apple's share of the total smartphone profits grew to a whopping 94% during the third quarter of this year.

MacBook Air 2015 is now available at a much lower discounted price since MacBook Air 2016 is set to get unveiled shortly. In addition, the software company may be channeling of all its focus towards the new iPad Pro.

Reports say that the company is anxious of seeing its own gadgets compete with one another in the market.

Still, Apple's silence regarding the MacBook Pro 2016 may be for a good reason; they may just not be ready to launch it yet. It was with the release of the Surface Pro 3 that the company finally tasted success with the lineup and it has since then been copied by others companies like Apple, which released the iPad Pro. It has a similar appearance to the 2015 MacBook Air, but it is thinner and lighter.

MacBook Air 2016 has awesome features such as Type-C USB port, Intel Skylake-U chipset, Force Touch technology and the El Capitan operating system.

The Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Latest Model) with 13.3-inch Screen, 8 GB of Memory, and 256 GB Flash Storage is $1,349.99. It comes with 8GB of RAM and it can go up to as much as 16GB. Now Apple's iPad Pro is a different story. It is the company's largest iPad to date.

The newest flagship iPad comes in gold, silver, and space gray color options.

Even though Apple has certainly been active in terms of releasing new products in recent months, fans are still left scratching their heads regarding the absence of a few expected arrivals, with one example being the MacBook Pro 2016.