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London vehicle hits pedestrians, police say 'number of casualties'


A 47-year-old suspect who was arrested at the scene of an alleged terror attack that killed one person outside a London mosque has been identified thanks to video images captured during his arrest, the media reported.

He reportedly shouted "I want to kill Muslims" as he drove a van into a crowd of worshippers outside the Finsbury Mosque.

Nothing is known about the attacker's identity, except that he is a 48-year-old white man, who, right after midnight, rammed a van into people leaving late-night prayers at the end of their day of fasting.

Mr Osborne was initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder but Scotland Yard said he was later arrested for the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism including murder and attempted murder.

He said that two people were dragged beneath the van adding "one of whom we are anxious may be paralysed for life because he said he could not move his arms and legs and said he could not feel them". One man died at the scene, although he had been receiving first aid at the time and it wasn't clear if he died as a result of the attack or from something else.

But whilst speaking with reporters following the incident, the imam of the Muslim Welfare Centre humbly noted that he had not acted alone in preventing a potentially life-threatening situation, and subsequently saving more lives.

A Hartlepool mosque has said it will continue to spread love and unity in wake of an attack on the Muslim community in London.

A tweet from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said: "We have been informed that a van has run over worshipers as they left #FinsburyPark Mosque".

But Kacimi said there was no need for the community to panic, because police and government officials have been "very, very supportive".

Last month, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a pop concert in Britain's third city of Manchester, killing 22 people, many of them children.

Witness Hussain Ali, 28, told the Press Association that "the leader of the mosque said 'You do not touch him'". Police said eight of the injured were hospitalized; the other two had minor injuries and were treated at the scene.

On May 22, a suicide attack killed 22 people and injured almost 60 after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

She's calling the incident a "terrorist attack". "These are the values that define this city", she said. He mowed down a group of people and there's a mob attempting to hurt him. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks. "I feel scared", Mohamed said. This is a painful illustration of why we must never allow hatred to breed hatred. However, the mosque was shut down and reorganized and has not been associated with radical views for more than a decade.

London police closed the area to normal traffic. "This was an attack on Muslims near their place of worship,"said May who later visited the mosque".