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Local Utility Crews Work to Restore Power in Florida

More than 2.1 million customers have lost power in Florida with Hurricane Irma striking the state

"This is likely to be one of the largest and most complex power restoration efforts in USA history", said Tom Kuhn, president of the Edison Electric Institute, an industry trade group.

Most outages were still in FPL's service area in the southern and eastern parts of Florida.

In Georgia, utilities reported over 1.2 million customers without power Tuesday morning, down from a peak of over 1.4 million on Monday night.

FPL, the largest electric utility company in Florida, estimated that more than 2.8 million of its 4.9 million customers were still without power Tuesday morning.

Georgia reported more than 570,000 homes and businesses without electricity, and there were 80,000 in SC.

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Massive power outages still crippled much of the Southeast on Wednesday. State emergency officials said a driver with a Florida license plate also died from the storm, but did not give further details.

Utility workers fix power lines in Marathon, Florida, after Hurricane Irma. Duke Energy Florida reported outages totaling 1.2 million at the height of the storm. They include homes, organizations and businesses.Georgia: Almost 700,000 customers are in the dark, according to Georgia Power and Georgia EMC.South Carolina: Almost 55,000 customers have no power, according to Duke Energy and SCE&G.North Carolina: More than 29,000 customers don't have electricity, according to Duke Energy.Alabama: More than 7,000 customers are without electricity, Alabama Power said. It gradually weakened as it headed through the state, becoming a tropical storm and then a tropical depression on Monday. Nursing homes, shelters, major thoroughfares are priorities.

The utility company has 30 staging sites, with restoration crews, trucks, and equipment from across the United States and Canada. The company updated technology - which Silagy says now allows it to pinpoint outages without customers needing to report them - and strengthened power lines and poles. The two nuclear plants have a strong record of weathering intense storms. It affected all 35 counties in the utility's territory which is most of the state's Atlantic coast and the Gulf coast south of Tampa. The company, however, warned it would take longer to restore customers with tornado damage or severe flooding.