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Lindsey Graham: Investigate Clinton’s Emails Before Releasing Mueller Report

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FBI Mistress, Lisa Page, confirmed to House Judiciary, there was an anti-Trump Insurance Policy and it's the fake Russian investigation!

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) released the transcripts of the interviews conducted between Congress and since-fired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Peter Strzok, revealing that the Departement of Justice (DOJ) may have worked with Hillary Clinton to prevent the FBI from investigating Clinton Foundation emails from her private server. Strzok was dismissed from Robert Mueller's team once the text messages were uncovered by internal investigations.

In contrast, when we look into what could have (and perhaps should have) been the investigation into possible collusion between Hillary Clinton's campaign and Barack Obama's Justice Department to cover up Clinton's misdeeds, we get mere droplets of information generally reported only by conservative-leaning outlets. "Much more to come!" he added.

In the transcript, Strzok said the debate over how aggressively to investigate the campaign explained the backstory of a cryptic August 15, 2016, text message he sent Page that has long attracted Republican attention. Republican lawmakers have pointed to the messages as evidence of political bias inside the bureau.

Objecting to Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's request for unanimous consent to pass the resolution on Thursday, Graham asked that it be amended to appoint an entirely new special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton's emails.

Further, Page's account contradicts sworn testimony given by fired FBI Director James Comey about the case. Days later, Clinton was let off for repeatedly mishandling top secret, classified information.

In the transcript, Page asserted, "Many of us in law enforcement dislike the subject of our investigations". "And that's, as I said, the advice that we got from the Department was that they did not think - that it was constitutionally vague and not sustainable".

But Page explained those FBI officials were not directly involved in any decision-making about the Clinton investigation and it had no effect on the overall investigation result.