Lindsay Lohan reacts to her viral #DoTheLilo dance

Dubai is threw a multi-million-dollar extravaganza today to launch a luxury hotel on an artificial

The Mean Girls star said she isn't sure she would be able to recreate the dance.

"My goal was to help her expand and grow the Lohan brand", Jonitta Wallace said.

Lohan said earlier this year that she had been negotiating designs for an island off the shores of Dubai's artificial The Worlds Island.

"I actually bought the rights to a really fantastic book by Tina Seskis called 'The Honeymoon, ' so we're working working on the script now". Lohan oversees a team of attractive, young "VIP hosts" as they tend to the clients at her resort in Mykonos.

"I think you want your own show, so you should focus on that", Lohan told them.

"I was in a very tumultuous relationship", Lohan admitted.

"I have been doing this for a while, but this is just the first place that it's a day [beach] club", Lindsay continued.

"I'm running the place, so I don't have time for any of that", Lindsay added of working in the partying business.

Since Lohan and Tarabasov began dating in 2016, the two have been spotted multiple time getting into altercations.

Neighbors called the police and it was revealed that Egor Tarabasov tried to strangle Lindsay Lohan. She was recently hit by a refugee in an altercation which broke out after she accused an alleged homeless couple of trafficking their children.

This is a photo of me. standing in a corner. sad, lost, confused and defeated after Lindsay Lohan shaded me when I asked her to take a picture with me.

The cast of a MTV reality series that focuses on Lindsay Lohan's nightclub in Mykonos, Greece. "Of course, as a mother who has been a victim of abuse, and I do charities for abused women, I was very happy to see her get out".

The actress gets candid about her journey to becoming her own boss and living by her own rules.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club follows Lohan as she launches and manages her Lohan Beach House club and restaurant in Mykonos.

New episodes of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club airs Tuesday night on MTV.