Life Lessons: Smooth sailing on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be the busiest day of the year for florists

"As one of the largest privately-owned flower farms in Colombia, we depend on a reliable logistics partner to ship millions of blooms during this important day", said Sanchez.

While it would be easy to buy a dozen roses to profess your love to a significant other this Valentine's Day, understanding the language of flowers could help you take your floral overture to the next level.

As the holiday gets closer, it will be more hard to track down deals, but most sites are offering discounts for certain types of flowers and bouquets.

"We have piles more flowers come in than we would on an average day", designer Dawn Hirst said.

Looking for some love to give on Valentine's Day? The numbers are the second-highest in the survey's 15-year history, topped only by the record $146.84 and $19.7 billion seen in 2016.

"You want to have a good variety of stuff on hand because you know the men are going to wait till last minute and there's no time to special order and get that stuff in". Whether you have kids, pets or it is just the two of you, a custom family portrait is a sweet gift and a great piece of artwork for your home.

"We noticed some quality issues on some of the things we bought it from California", he said. The week before the actual holiday, employees will work around the clock putting together arrangements to be delivered. Kyra says speed and precision are both necessary when orders are flying in and they're racing against the Valentine's Day clock. "It was a law that was implemented by a florist to prevent competition in front of their shops", Dyme said.

"Valentine's Day has been copping some backlash for a number of years now, which is not surprising considering the exorbitant mark-ups on everything from flowers to restaurants and chocolates", she said. What is your favorite Valentine's Day gift? "Believe it or not, there is love in the air and it's a popular time for guys to get engaged", said Patrick Murphy of Murphy Jewelers.

"We go out to the paddock and pick the flowers, bring them into the shed to be bunched up and then the majority of my stuff is exported to America", he said. "We haven't changed our prices I haven't gone up since a year ago although the cost of the flowers have gone up a little bit.that's mostly because of supply and demand". Last year, Williams said, he ordered too few roses, forcing him to make last-minute orders at an extra cost the business had to absorb. Well, this year, Lisa's Floral Expressions in downtown Pottsville is adding rainbow-colored roses to the mix. The gifting retailer also has a deal on at the moment of 24 red roses for £40 instead of £50 - that's a 20 per cent saving.

Chatoff explains, "flowers are delivered fresh from farms to CFM". In exchange for the almost three dozen volunteers, Garner makes a contribution to those three groups. "So, yes, 500 is a very big deal".