LeBron James wants Carmelo Anthony on Lakers

Lonzo Ball says he's ready to step up with Brandon Ingram sidelined

There are plenty of reasons to believe the two-time NBA Finals MVP will leave Golden State after this season, though his recent comments don't exactly inspire confidence that Durant would want to play with James. Or Kawhi Leonard when he becomes a free agent.

Nevertheless, with the Lakers playing pretty good basketball as of late, does a move for Carmelo Anthony make sense for them at this point?

Following the Los Angeles Lakers' dramatic 121-113 win over the San Antonio Spurs, the focus immediately shifted from LeBron's 41-point night into questions regarding recent comments from National Basketball Association legends Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Kevin Durant. Bosh, same way. LeBron is a player that needs to play with guys that already know how they play the game-and shooters. And that's not going to stop the conversation about it. There's always so many different moving parts.

Anthony's play was inconsistent through his first 20 games, but he still managed to have a 28-point performance during a road win against the Brooklyn Nets on November 2 and back-to-back 24- and 22-point games in late October losses against the Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz. If that's what 33 gets you, Look out for what happens when he's 34. "If you're a strong enough personality, you can handle it". It was thought that Paul George would head to L.A. and make the Lakers a contender, but the forward chose to stay in Oklahoma City. The two weren't quite the fit that Daryl Morey and the rest of the front office envisioned when they signed him this summer to play next to James Harden and one of his best friends, Chris Paul.

I mean, has he seen Melo play the past few years? (Lakers General Manager) Magic (Johnson) should fight him on it.

"He's very unselfish. He's won multiple championships with other superstars".

My read on this is LeBron wanted this news out.