League of Legends mobile reportedly in development

2017 League of Legends College Championship

Perhaps, then, it's not a surprise to hear a new report that claims Riot is working on a mobile version of League of Legends with parent company Tencent. The US studio refused to be part of such a project a several years ago, which is why Tencent has made a decision to launch a similar game called Honor of Kings, which was only available in China.

This, of course, created tensions within Riot that became even worse when an adaptation called Arena of Valor was released to global markets in 2016 and 2017, though this was largely regarded as a flop by most analysts after failing to grip the western market.

Despite the fact that Riot is considered one of the largest developers of games for PC, the company seeks to diversify the market, allowing fans of online games to take advantage of all its benefits on portable devices.

"League of Legends is like the World Cup whereas Honour of Kings is just the Asia Cup". "As 'League" enters its 10th year, we've never been more committed to growing the ecosystem that supports it".

Games like Arena of Valor have already proven that MOBAs have sturdy audiences on mobile.

The game brought in $1.4 billion in revenue last year, although that was down 21% from a year earlier, according data provider Statista.

Mobile games accounted for 57% of videogame revenue in China in 2018 but only 36% in the USA market, according to Newzoo.

In April, Newzoo reported that 24.7% of the core PC gamers around the world play League of Legends. Switching to a mobile format, the League of Legends formula would have to be fine-tuned for shorter play sessions. Riot and Tencent have previously paired up for a joint venture in Tengjing Sports that runs Esport tournaments and markets LoL products.

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