Lauren Hutton turns heads at 73 in new lingerie ad

73-year-old Lauren Hutton stars in Calvin Klein underwear ad

The 73-year-old fashion star and actress has been modelling since the '60s, working for the likes of Revlon, Chanel and Alexander Wang over her illustrious career.

The fashion house says Hutton was hand-picked for the campaign by director Sofia Coppola, who is in charge of the promotion.

"I was walking really fast because I didn't want them to hit on me", she says.

Rashida Jones, another model for the campaign, tells the story of stalking a British actor she'd developed a crush upon, and leaving her beeper number outside his trailer. Of course, since she's freaking Lauren Hutton, she was approached, this time by a man asking her if she wanted a ride in his truck. Later, she's seen standing in the same slouchy shirt, showing off her mega-watt smile.

Mostly known for their provocative underwear ads, Calvin Klein is changing things up a bit with their Spring 2017 campaign for women's underwear. While remembering the moment, she laughed and recalled, "So I said, 'Okay, but just one block'". "I feel like those images made a big impression on me in my formative years". New Zealand-based label Lonely Lingerie recently cast 57-year-old Mercy Brewer to front its Fall 2017 campaign.

Hutton is featured near the end of the video, lounging on a bed in an unbuttoned silk blouse with a white bra underneath.

She posed for a few recent J.Crew ad campaigns and walked the runway for Bottega Venetta this past September, showing the current crop of youngsters how a legend struts her stuff!