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Las Vegas shooting rekindles debate on gun control laws in America


Shooting after shooting, so many of our conversations on this topic just lead to dead ends.

"With rights come responsibilities: the responsibility to stop gun sales loopholes, to enact protections that make sure our children and those with severe mental illnesses don't have access to guns, to address funding for mental health, and to oppose any efforts to make it easier to purchase silencers", Jayapal said.

On the Senate floor, Schumer said the president should "let both sides know he is ready and willing to address this issue of gun safety head-on".

Following a banner year for the industry - guns brought in an estimated $51 billion in 2016, according to MarketWatch - American Outdoor is at a more-than-two-year low, down 46 percent since the election; Sturm Ruger is down 20 percent in the same period.

Its volunteers have teamed with Gurdwaras, where shelter, hot meals (langar) and other assistance is being offered to all who may need it. Sikh taxi drivers are volunteering to drive people to their destinations safely, it said.

Indian-American lawmakers have called for changes in the gun control laws in the U.S., as they condemned the Las Vegas mass shooting, the deadliest in the country's modern history which claimed almost 60 lives.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein says her own daughter had planned to attend the Route 91 musical festival in Las Vegas where concertgoers were slaughtered this week - but her plans changed and she didn't go. He says Nevada allows assault style weapons, even machine guns, and has an open carry law for gun owners.

It's been a choppy year for gun stocks: Shares soared ahead of the presidential election on fears that a Democratic president would tighten up gun control, only to fall after Donald Trump's victory, as fears of stricter policies eased.

In light of the tragedy in Las Vegas, and the ongoing tragedy of gun violence in America, this could not be more inappropriate.

The state of Nevada has some of the loosest gun laws in the US, as it does not require a permit to buy or possess a firearm.

How can we reduce the number of gun-related deaths? The group said Congress should have banned what it called "weapons of war" after the Newtown shooting.