Kyler Murray Announces He’s Choosing The NFL Over Baseball

Kyler Murray Announces He’s Choosing The NFL Over Baseball

If Kyler Murray truly in his heart wanted to play professional football instead of professional baseball, then nothing Oakland or Rob Manfred or anyone else could have offered was going to sway him away from the sport he loves.

Relating to the Patriots, they will always be interested in quarterbacks as long as Tom Brady is still on the roster since they need to find an eventual replacement.

Murray is a projected first-round pick in April's draft and will nearly certainly become the first athlete to be drafted in the first round of both the National Football League and MLB. Murray will return $1.29 million of the $1.5 million signing bonus money the A's gave him previous year, a source told ESPN's Jeff Passan.

The Texan recorded 4,361 passing yards and 1,001 rushing yards with 54 touchdowns in 14 games in his final season with the Oklahoma Sooners previous year.

Kyler Murray was seen as a future star by the A's. We could even see another team offer the Vikings a haul, likely including multiple first-round picks, in order to draft the 2018 Heisman victor.

But there is little question Murray has a chance to create a little havoc on draft's Thursday night, and where he might land will be one of the draft's central storylines over the next few months. I have started an extensive training program to further prepare myself for upcoming workouts and interviews.

"He's really fun to watch on a football field, and he's going to be fun to watch on a baseball field".

Choosing the National Football League is absolutely without a doubt the smarter play for Murray.

Kyler Murray on September 8, 2018 in Norman, Oklahoma.

He stayed at Oklahoma University to play a full season at quarterback and won the Heisman Trophy for America's best college football player. He will reportedly repay $1.29m (£1m) of the $1.5m (£1.17m) he received past year and forfeit the remaining $3.16m (£2.46m).

There will always be kids who choose baseball, either because they love it the most or because their talents on the diamond outstrip their skills on the gridiron or basketball court. And none of that is to knock Murray, but only to acknowledge how brutally hard it is to play professional baseball-likely another factor in his choice to pick the NFL.