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Kuwaiti Leader Leads Delegation to Washington to Discuss Security, Dispute with Qatar

Kuwaiti Leader Leads Delegation to Washington to Discuss Security, Dispute with Qatar

Following that, a telephone conversation was held between HH the Emir and his brother, HRH Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, based on coordination of the US President, where they stressed the need to resolve this crisis by sitting down to the dialogue to ensure the unity and stability of the GCC countries.

The boycotting countries say a military intervention "has not been and will not be considered" to end the crisis.

Trump's holding a joint news conference at the White House with Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah.

During his press conference with the Emir, Mr Trump claimed the relationship between the USA and Kuwait "has never been stronger - never, ever".

The crisis erupted June 5 when Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates all cut ties to Doha over allegations Qatar funds extremists and has ties that are too warm with Iran. "But it is something that could happen", Trump said. Still, the dispute has dragged on for more than three months, even after Tillerson shuttled between the parties in July and dispatched two other US envoys to bolster the 88-year-old Kuwaiti emir's initiative. Although Qatar has rejected some of them out of hand, Sheikh Sabah said negotiations were possible.

Kuwait has been trying to mediate the dispute between Qatar and its US-allied Arab neighbors.

Qatar is home to a huge USA air base, where the headquarters of Centcom - the regional command that leads operations against the Islamic State group - is based.

The Kuwaiti leader is thanking the United States for standing with their country when Iraq's Saddam Hussein launched an invasion.

Trump told a news conference on Thursday that he would be willing to step in and mediate a dispute among the USA -allied Arab states and Qatar, and said he thought a deal could come quickly.

"We have great relationships with all of them right now; maybe better than we've ever had", Mr Trump said.

The dispute has dragged even after Tillerson and other US diplomats have shuttled through the region to bolster the Kuwaiti initiative.

Standing at the side of Trump at the White House, the Kuwaiti emir told reporters on Thursday: "What is important is that we have stopped any military action [against Qatar]".

As part of sanctions to punish Kim Jong Un's government for its recent nuclear and ballistic missile tests, the urging countries everywhere to expel North Korean workers, whose salaries provide much needed foreign currency for Pyongyang.