Kingdom Hearts 3's New Trailer Shows Off Nostalgic Mini-Games

Kingdom Hearts III

You can see some of these Kingdom Hearts 3 mini-games in action in a new trailer found below. The footage showed Sora and company using some sort of old-school handheld device to play four mini-games in particular: "The Barnyard Battle", "The Karnival Kid", "Giantland" and Musical Farmer. Instead, this new trailer is nearly entirely centered around mini games you'll be able to play during your adventure.

The games are inspired by classic cartoons of Disney and titles that were common in 1980. The folks over at KH Insider say that there will be more than 20 of these mini games in all.

It's Kingdom Hearts meets Game & Watch in the latest clip from Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts III releases in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Moreover, Square Enix also announced that around 300 players of Kingdom Hearts: Union χ will be selected to have their player names appear somewhere in Kingdom Hearts 3. The long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III is finally coming and pending any surprise reveals like a release date for Death Stranding any time before 2030, it will probably be the game everyone's talking about at E3 2018.

Much like Final Fantasy, mini-games are a staple of the Kingdom Hearts series (especially when it comes to the main series).