Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen start book club


"God bless Kim Kardashian West for sharing His message of unconditional love as found in Embraced By The Light with her many fans".

Kim Kardashian West and her good pal, Chrissy Teigen, are taking a page from Oprah Winfrey's book. Kim tweeted. "I'm making them read "Embraced By The Light" as our first book!". It's a story of a woman who died during surgery &came back 2 life.

Kim then started trying to recruit more celebrities to join and read the book she says 'changed her life'.

Teigen also urged her followers to "join" and told one confused fan who didn't understand the concept: "I think you just get the book and read, my dude/ dudette". "I'm one of the ogs (Original Gangster's) with this book".

Breaking the news on Twitter she wrote: "So guys". She shares her journey of what heaven is like.

Her book tells of the usual visions of a dark tunnel and a light, but also details numerous other extraordinary experiences.

"I've read her book Embraced by the Light, that is about her near death experience and it's helped me live my life in such a full way", she continued.

In a series of tweets published earlier today, Kardashian clarified that the book club will begin on Monday, February 6 and will somehow be integrated into the Kardashian app, along with book reviews and recommendations from Kardashian, Teigen and Atkin.

The publication of Embraced By Light was followed by The Awakening Heart in 1996, The Ripple Effect in 1999 and Embraced by the Light: Prayers and Devotions for Daily Living in 2001.