Kids learn computer science at Hour of Code event

Metro School is Taking Advantage of 'Computer Science Education Week'

Founded in 2012, is perhaps best known for its Hour of Code campaign, events held around the world that give students a one hour introduction to computer science and coding.

Large tech companies like Microsoft are also taking part in this week's activities and working with legislators to promote computer science instruction in schools.

More than 70 school districts agreed to expand computer-science education in some way, said.

As part of Computer Science Education Week, there are 469 planned "Hour of Code" events in schools across Arizona, including many in rural communities. Several cities - including Austin, Boston, Houston and Los Angeles - said they would offer classes in every high school. Mark Muro, one of the study's authors, told VentureBeat that in addition to teaching coding skills, states should consider how they can prepare their future workforce for a wold in which they'll be expected to have fluency in a range of office software programs, from Microsoft Office to Slack.

"Computer science education provides foundational learning in computational thinking that enables students to develop and apply critical thinking skills, demonstrate imagination and creativity, practice collaboration, exhibit leadership, and employ problem-solving skills", the proclamation reads. Computer Science Education Week also recognizes the birthday of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, who was instrumental in the creation of the first computer-language translator, which led to one of the first business-oriented computer languages, COBOL.

Celebrities have joined the movement this year to boost computer science education.

"While significant work remains ahead, today's pledges, dedication, and support reflect unprecedented global momentum behind the vision that every student in every school deserves the opportunity to learn computer science", founder Hadi Partovi said in a statement.