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Kidnapping preceded Nisku crash with carload of naked people

Kidnapping preceded Nisku crash with carload of naked people

Kidnapping charges are pending against three people arrested in the buff after a collision Monday morning in Nisku.

The crash apparently happened after police said the suspects kidnapped three people - a man, a woman and an infant - from a home and forced them into the vehicle. The man, whose age was not given, was forced into a vehicle's trunk.

While the vehicle was being driven, the male managed to escape from the trunk and, shortly after, the woman was able to escape with the baby as well.

Police arriving at a vehicle crash in Western Canada found five naked people inside, and ended up accusing them of kidnapping a mother, her father and her baby.

A passing truck saw the three victims and offered assistance, securing all three in his truck.

A passerby took the three into his truck and attempted to drive off - and the kidnappers then rammed the rear of his truck, sending both vehicles into a ditch, the RCMP release said.

On Monday, RCMP said the five who were arrested were naked, but have not explained why.

"Two of the subjects arrested were youths, and have been released with no charges".

"Preliminary investigation leads RCMP to believe that this collision was not accidental".

She did not know whether they were naked at the time of the kidnapping, or whether they removed their clothes after.

Three adult suspects remain in police custody and are facing pending charges of kidnapping, and resist arrest.

Global News Canada reports that at the time of the crash on Monday morning, temperatures in the area were around 17 degrees.