Khalti App Now Available for iPhone Users - Rolls Out iOS Version

Khalti App Now Available for iPhone Users - Rolls Out iOS Version

iOS 11 is a big update but it's an especially big update for the iPad.

So how do you know which of your apps aren't going to load if you update to iOS 11 today?

Many iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users will be able to update to iOS 11 wirelessly - when an iOS device displays a message that the update is available, over-the-air installation can be launched by tapping "Install Now".

And lastly, iOS 11 adds an "Emergency SOS" feature that's created to give users a quick stealthy way to summon 9-1-1 and your emergency contacts should the need arise. In order to install the latest Apple iOS, all you need to do is go to "Settings" tab on your device, then go to the "About" section and click on "Software Update".

With the switch to iOS 11, Apple has finally killed support for phones and apps that are still 32-bit.

If users are eager to have the iOS 11 but are unwilling to wait for hours, then they should opt to activate the download at night, while they are sleeping.

iPhone and iPad owners, grab your devices, because it's time to update to iOS 11.

In addition to these features which will be available on Apple Music across different platforms, Apple Music has also been updated with support for "Ok Google" voice commands on Android. If you do not have iTunes, go download iTunes at Apple right this minute.

Each and every software update on any platform causes issues for some people, and such is the case with iOS 11. You also can choose to manually enable this feature, since it comes automatically enabled with the iOS 11 download. You will not get any features of the latest iOS 11 if you downgrade your device with the iOS 10.

This feature also will auto-reply to text messages while you are driving. "It's a good time to say I don't use that app anymore and I don't use that app".

Apple's App Store has always been a strong revenue generator for the company - in the past nine months it brought in US$21.5 billion, notching a 19% over the previous year.

Users will no longer be forced to drag with two fingers to zoom into and inspect a map, with iOS 11 that is as easy as just moving your thumb across the map.