Key Trump ally Scott Pruitt forced to resign

Pruitt aides reveal new details of his controversial spending and management at EPA

Pruitt defended himself against numerous allegations, saying that people are creating controversy because they are against his and the administration's agenda at EPA.

Before taking the job at the EPA, Wheeler worked as an energy lobbyist on Capitol Hill.

Mr Pruitt had become a constant source of embarrassment to a president who had entered Washington promising to "drain the swamp".

After his work with Inhofe, Wheeler transitioned into a lobbying role with Murray Energy-a company that had a history with Pruitt.

Wheeler is not someone who has sought the spotlight. "He loves clean water", Mink tells the EPA chief.

Some of the ethics accusations involved jobs for Pruitt's wife.

Pruitt's was facing around a dozen investigations into his tenure, including his frequent use of first-class flights and his spending on security - which the agency has defended as necessary to defend him against unprecedented threats. It's unclear who could take over as head of the EPA in Pruitt's place.

In announcing his resignation on July 5, Trump said Pruitt had "done an outstanding job" leading the EPA and "will always be thankful to him for this". John Barrasso (R-WY), chairman of the Senate environment panel, has praised Wheeler for sound environmental policies and said he "exemplified excellence in his professional endeavors", both in government and in the private sector. His firm was paid $300,000 previous year. Pruitt has been the subject of continued ethics scandals over a number of months but the president had previously stood by a man who had overseen his administration's rolling back of Obama-era environmental regulations. The plan also includes language forbidding California and other states from imposing stricter standards, which they planned to do.

In one instance, according to former deputy chief of staff Kevin Chmielewski, Hupp was stuck with a bill of roughly $600 for a booking she had made for the administrator's family during the transition.

In a 2005 interview surfaced by Politico, Pruitt complained that "minority religions" were elbowing Christianity out of "the public square" and that evolution was a theory "more from a philosophical standpoint than a scientific standpoint". "Thank you again Mr. President for the honor of serving you and I wish you Godspeed in all that you put your hand to".

EPA deputy Andrew Wheeler would "assume duties as the acting Administrator of the EPA". All tolerated because Trump liked his zealotry.

When he was still working as a lobbyist in 2016, Wheeler wrote a six-point takedown of Trump on Facebook.

He had also ordered his EPA staff to do personal chores for him, picking up dry cleaning and trying to obtain a used Trump hotel mattress for his apartment.

When the Post asked Wheeler in 2017 about his previous comments, Wheeler told the paper his post had been based on watching the primary debates and news coverage.