Kensington Palace denies Meghan and Kate feud

Kensington Palace denies Meghan and Kate feud

The 37-year-old gave a spoke about the importance of providing youngsters with open access to education, particularly for "young women and girls in developing countries".

But it's not only the Duchess of Sussex that has made sacrifices for the family.

Some netizens, who commented on the "revelation", were glad to remember the happy day, when Harry and Meghan got married.

Prince Harry and Meghan at the Centenary of the Armistice Service last month. The fund supports schools in rural Uganda, and Harry and Prince William have been patrons of the organization since 2007.

The two Duchesses have hit recent headlines after rumours of a royal rift emerged. Kate swings her chair away from Meghan to laugh directly at her husband.

Speaking about their friendship on her former lifestyle blog The Tig, Meghan said she and the tennis ace bonded very quickly when playing a game of flag football, which is a variation of American football.

Details of the photo were shared by Daily Mail Royal Correspondent Rebecca English on Twitter after she spotted it during a visit yesterday.

But, Her Majesty broke tradition by asking Meghan to come along to the soiree before she married Harry. But given that the stories of tension recently leaked from Kensington Palace actually date back to about that time - the moment suddenly seems much more significant.

She was asked by The Sun to look at footage of the "fab four" during the Royal Foundation Forum and Judi cited difficulties between the pair.

And Serena Williams clearly isn't afraid to tell it like it is to her pal Meghan Markle, especially when it comes to the latter's pregnancy allowances.

But it may be the traditional royal toast that Meghan will miss out on as the Queen like to raise her glass with the rest of her clan with a drop of Whisky.