Katy Perry Apologizes for Shoes Resembling Blackface

Katy Perry

"I was saddened when it was brought to my attention that it was being compared to painful images reminiscent of blackface", Perry said in a statement to BBC.

"Another one to add to your blackface file", one person said on Twitter. Representatives for Katy Perry, Katy Perry Collections, Walmart, and Dillard's did not immediately respond to INSIDER's requests for comment.

"Regarding Katy Perry's shoes; if you have to second guess whether a design is blackface/racist.it probably is". The use of blackface in minstrel shows, movies, and other mediums, spread dehumanising stereotypes about black people that were used to exclude them from the entertainment industry and deny them the full rights of citizenship. Gucci released an $890 sweater that also resembled blackface; the sweater was black and pulled up over half of the consumer's face, sending an extremely negative message.

Katy Perry's new shoe line will be taken off the shelves, according to Fox News.

Social media users, including singer Masika Kalysha, have attacked the singer over the shoes, insisting, like the Gucci jumper, they appear to mock people of colour.

A Walmart spokesperson said these styles of Perry's shoes were never available in brick and mortar stores. "And I'm completely sure that people would complain if the shoes didn't have a black version!". In December, Prada removed a series of accessories that resembled black monkeys with red lips.

Today, Katy Perry is under fire for releasing a pair of mules and a high-heeled sandal that feature bright red lips and eyes on a black background.