Kanye West prefers Kim Kardashian West as a blonde

Kourtney Kardashian beach

In the full headline, Daily Mail writes the pictures were taken "a year before the flight attendant [Jenner] convinced wealthy lawyer Robert Kardashian to marry her".

Kim Kardashian had hard, high-risk pregnancies for both of her previous children, and had advised by doctors that taking on that kind of physical burden a third time could be very risky.

However, on this occasion, Kim won't have any such worries and she's determined to take a proactive approach from the outset.

A source told the publication: 'Ever since the Paris robbery, Kim has made many changes in her life. However, "this program is giving me a kick in the right direction that I need", she went on revealing.

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Kim teased a project with the 24-year-old Spain-born stunner as she said: 'Guess what I'm doing today, guys?' 'Getting a surrogate and finding someone that you really trust really is so much more for hard of a situation than you could really imagine, ' she admitted during the episode. She wants to create the safest, best house for the kids.

Fans and followers weren't impressed by the fact that Kim was not only stripped down to her underwear in the kitchen, but also that she was barefoot. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being chubby, but the word is often used to malign women's appearances and bring them down.

The fans are eagerly waiting for Kim's baby no. 3. To be honest, it's a little obvious that this gossip outlet doesn't keep up with the Kardashians or else they would have known to not mess with the matriarch unless you want to start a war.

What do you think Kanye and Kim should name the newest addition to the family?