Jury Awards Erin Andrews $55 Million In Lawsuit

Sportscaster and television host Erin Andrews centre leaves the courtroom after her lawsuit was given over to the jury

Marriott International was named in the lawsuit but a judge dismissed the case against them, saying the company was not responsible for the day-to-day operations, including security, at the franchise.

A jury of seven women and five men found Barrett, whose 2013 deposition in which he explained how he filmed Andrews was played in court, responsible for 51 percent and the hotel companies for the rest.

The court earlier found that Marriott International, which franchised the Vanderbilt hotel of West End, had no liability and dismissed it from the case.

Defense attorney Marc Dedman, who represented the hotel, said that they are "disappointed" with the jury's decision. The attorneys also suggested that Andrews' rise in her career showed she did not suffer severe and permanent distress.

"I'm not proud of what I did", Barrett said in his taped testimony.

In statements released after the verdict, West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital Group said the safety of their guests was a top priority.

The success of the trial depended on whether or not it could be proved the managers of the Nashville Marriott should be held liable for Barrett's actions.

"Everybody put up that I was doing it for publicity and attention and that ripped me apart", she said in tears.

Sportscaster and television host Erin Andrews waits for the jury to enter the courtroom in Nashville Tennessee
Sportscaster and television host Erin Andrews waits for the jury to enter the courtroom in Nashville Tennessee

Andrews had originally been seeking $75 million in damages.

Back in 2008, stalker Michael David Barrett used a hacksaw to tamper with Erin Andrews room's peephole to record her naked in her room and shared it with the world.

Andrews, a Fox Sports correspondent, worked for ESPN at the time of the incident.

Barrett said he posted the recordings online after celebrity gossip website TMZ refused to buy them. He then posted them online.

Andrews, 37, who worked for ESPN at the time of the video but now works for Fox Sports, said, "It's on the Internet now", adding, "And I've been told it's going to be on the Internet until I die". They also focused questions on Andrews' success after the videos were leaked. He was sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison on the charges.

It's a win for Erin Andrews.

Andrews has maintained that someone at the hotel gave out her room number to Barrett and honored his request to be placed near hear.