Josh McCown to serve as player-coach against Saints

Bryce Petty didn’t exactly play lights-out Sunday

Soon, it could be over.

Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson will not play in Sunday's game against the Saints. He didn't specify why, but stated that it was not injury related and was instead a "coach's decision", per several accounts.

"I'm anxious about the guys that I'm coaching", Bowels said.

"I'm just anxious about the guys going to the game tomorrow and I'll coach those 53 guys", Bowles said.

"I don't worry about living or not living up to contracts", Bowles said last week. "I'm just anxious about us right now, that's it".

"I made my decision", he said.

Vacchiano later reported Wilkerson was "very late" for practice on Friday, which led to the suspension.

Bryce Petty completed just passes
Bryce Petty completed just passes

Bowles said he had a discussion with Wilkerson, who was not available for comment in the Jets locker room.

Wilkerson clearly wants out of NY and the Jets will likely grant his wish by cutting him this offseason. His salary cap figure next season would be $20 million, but the Jets would create $11 million in cap space (with $9 million in dead money attached) by cutting him. Apparently, Wilkerson doesn't much feel like collecting that money, after making $37 million over the first two years, 2016-17, of his five-year contract.

When asked how this could effect Wilkerson's future with the Jets, Bowles said: "I'm just anxious about the 53 guys going to the game".

Now, Wilkerson will miss an entire game because he can't - or, more accurately, won't - show up on time to a simple meeting.

No matter who speaks up or where it comes from, the Jets brass needs to unwrap the gift that's been given to them by Wilkerson, and have him ride the pine for the season's final two games before letting him skip town and try to trick somebody else in to giving him a huge pay day.

A seven-year veteran, Wilkerson has 3.5 sacks this season - down from the 12 he had in 2015 - and 46 tackles.

Despite Wilkerson's lack of effort, multiple benchings and fines for no-shows and tardiness to practice to go along with his lack of production, head coach Todd Bowles has continued to trot Wilkerson out there on a weekly basis, even saying as recently as last week that he still views him as one of the leaders on this Jets team.