Johnny Depp's Notorious B.I.G. Movie Pulled A Month Before Release

City of Lies

Crime thriller City of Lies, an investigation into the murders of hip-hop rivals Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Sahkur, is not going to make its September 7 U.S. release date, according to distributor Global Road Entertainment.

The film was set to be released in North America by Global Road Entertainment on September 7 and no new release date has been set. Russell Poole in the film - which examines the aftermath of law enforcement examining The Notorious B.I.G.'s March 1997 murder in the wake of Tupac Shakur's October 1996 killing - using the 2003 book LAbyrinth as its source material.

No new release date has been announced for the Brad Furman-directed film, which costars Forest Whitaker as a journalist who teams with Depp's character in search of the truth.

Now, just one month after Rolling Stone published a scathing article detailing Depp's financial and personal distress, his film about the murder of Notorious B.I.G has been pulled, according to THR.

While City Of Lies' future is up in the air, Depp's next big 2018 release, Fantastic Beasts: Thre Crimes of Grindelwald, is set for release in November.

Citing alleged incidents of domestic abuse and other unsavory behavior, many on social media have criticized Depp's casting in the family-friendly movie, making it abundantly clear that a vocal portion of the moviegoing populace really wants nothing to do with Johnny Depp right now. The crew member also claimed that he was sacked from City of Lies after refusing to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would've prevented him from suing Depp.

Not long after that lawsuit was filed, the actor settled a $25 million fraud suit with his former business managers.