John Cena Doesn't Want Children With Nikki Bella

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On the recent WrestleMania 33, fans were like riding a roller coaster ride as they fall in love with John Cena's proposal to Nikki Bella. She took to Twitter this afternoon to confirm her current status. In the meantime, Nikki Bella is stressed because she has been cleared to wrestle, but not cleared to start back up in the WWE so she will not be a part of the draft. Or will they take some time off? Nikki said yes and now Cena and Bella are engaged. On the Wednesday, April 5, midseason premiere of Total Divas, pretty much everyone was freaking out about the upcoming draft, which would split the stars into Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live (or potentially leave them out completely). The blue brand will be losing some of it's drawing power, and they will be in desperate need of names to fill up arenas for house shows.

"Right before your surgery, there would be a time when you would be a little loopy and I could ask you anything I wanted".

Now, this ring is surely going down in the history of the all that ever happened inside the ring!

Recalling the moment he saw her in the crowd, he said, "I slide into the ring and I look into the massive audience, and the first person I see is my mum". To finally win the match, Cena performed an Attitude Adjustment on Miz while Nikki performed the Rack Attack 2.0 on her female opponent.

NIKKI: "Literally, you guys, when I found out two months ago about the match, I mean, I immediately was like, 'John, are you okay with that?". Perhaps this is what worked to John's advantage, as he knew that Nikki would not expect her to propose the way he did. I'm a lifer. John likes to say that and me too. There has been talk of her retiring for some time, but this sounds like it may just be temporary time-off to allow her body to recuperate. Nattie just let her know that it was really close to home and she was emotional because of it.