Jared Fogle could serve prison sentence in Colorado


U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt must not have been impressed, handing down a sentence even harsher than the 12 ½ years years for which prosecutors asked. In a statement delivered at his sentencing hearing, Fogle said he became "dependent upon alcohol, pornography and prostitutes", and that while committing his crimes he did not "think through what I was doing" or "think about the consequences of my actions".

The Inquisitr reported that Jared Fogle was on an ankle monitor while awaiting sentencing for his various misdeeds with underaged girls. "He emboldened a molester and a producer of child pornography".

Fogle had been hoping to serve just five years behind bars for his crimes, and the prosecution had been seeking a sentence of 12 years and seven months.

Fogle pleaded guilty to one count each of traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor and distribution and receipt of child pornography.

"I had a little boy *********", Jared says on the tape. But, the judge interrupted by quipping, "You gave your wife $7 million though".

She could have sentenced him to up to 50 years in prison.

The sentence, according to the Indianapolis Star, was far more than the 12.5 years that prosecutors had requested. Fogle agreed to pay a total of 1.4 million dollars to his 14 victims, with each receiving 100,000 (£66,000).

His wife filed for divorce and Subway - with 44,000 outlets in 110 countries - has also cut ties with Fogle, who appeared in its ads for more than a decade - most famously with a pair of oversized "fat jeans". "Both of them." It was then Rochelle turned the tapes over to authorities and they then proceeded to raid his home in July. Fogle could have stopped Taylor from victimizing some of minors, prosecutors have said, but he instead encouraged Taylor to produce additional child pornography.

Under a plea deal first agreed upon in August, he must also register as a sex offender after his release and have his digital devices monitored.

Prat, however, questioned why Fogle didn't attempt to seek help years ago.

Pratt said some of the images used as evidence in the child porn charges involved children as young as 6, and that Fogle asked prostitutes to get children for him. "The defendant was obsessed with child pornography and sex with minors", Pratt said.

Fogle has stated that he was sexually attracted to children as young as eight years old, the government said.


Bradford's other observation was that Fogle, who had an eating disorder and gained worldwide fame after losing it by eating Subway sandwiches, may have developed his hyper-sexuality after losing the weight.