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Japan Says US Sailor Stabbed a Woman Before Killing Himself in Okinawa

Japan says US serviceman kills woman, self in Okinawa

NAHA, Japan (Kyodo) - A US serviceman and a Japanese woman were found dead Saturday at an apartment in the southern island prefecture of Okinawa, local police and the USA forces in Japan said.

The man, whose name was withheld, is believed to be with the US Navy, assigned to the US Marine Corps in Okinawa, Kyodo added. The body of the 31-year-old was discovered on Saturday next to that of a woman in her 40s. They were confirmed dead at the scene.

This photo shows an apartment where a USA serviceman and a Japanese woman were found dead in Okinawa, southwestern Japan, on Saturday. The police said the woman's child witnessed the incident when it happened in the early morning and called a relative, who in turn notified law enforcement.

In a statement to media, U.S. Forces Japan said the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is working with local police to look into the deaths.

Akiba said he was "extremely disappointed" by the events and asked for United States cooperation in the probe and efforts to stop this tragedy from repeating itself.

The incident was discussed by Japan's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Takeo Akiba and US Ambassador William Hagerty during a phone call, the Japanese foreign ministry said as cited by Associated Press.

Okinawa hosts the bulk of USA military facilities in Japan.

Many Okinawans oppose the presence of United States troops on the small Pacific island due to associated crimes, noise, and environmental damage.