Japan court says Carlos Ghosn detention extended until April 22

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Chairman Carlos Ghosn to April 22 after he was rearrested last week over fresh allegations of financial misconduct, but for two days shorter than requested by prosecutors.

Japanese media have reported that some of the money from the Oman dealership may have gone to a company, Beauty Yachts, run by Ghosn's wife Carole, while other money may have gone to a USA -based startup called Shogun, owned by Ghosn's son.

It gives prosecutors until 22 April to file formal charges against the vehicle industry magnate, after he was arrested for the fourth time last week.

Without the hard-driving, attention-getting Ghosn at the helm, some have expressed concern about the viability of the alliance.

Besides, a Nikkei Newspaper had disclosed earlier on Wednesday (April 10th) that Carole Ghosn, wife of Carlos Ghosn could be questioned by the Japanese authorities as early as on Thursday (April 11th).

His lengthy detention has sparked some criticism of the Japanese justice system, derided by some as "hostage justice" as suspects can be held for a long time without formal charges.

His lawyers, who have protested the detention as unfair, filed a new appeal with the court on the latest detention extension, but the court rejected it late Friday.

The court decision came as several dozen executives and board members from the three automakers gathered in Paris for an alliance anniversary dinner described by one participant as "simple, nothing ostentatious".

He has also been indicted on another charge of aggravated breach of trust connected to allegations that he transferred private investment losses to Nissan.

Ghosn's almost two decades of leadership of the Japanese automaker came to a sudden end after his initial arrest in November.

NHK has learned the details of email exchanges that indicate funds from Nissan Motor had been channeled to dummy companies effectively owned by former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors ousted Ghosn as chairman following his arrest in November, while he was resigned as chairman and chief executive of Renault in January.