'It' Scores Record $13.5 Million on Thursday Night

Warner Bros

Not content with smashing that record, Deadline also reports that It had the largest opening gross for a horror movie, the largest ever for a Stephen King adaptation and the biggest September preview gross. We all float down here.

The R-rated movie is based on King's 1986 novel, which focuses on a group of friends in a fictional ME community that battles the small town's demon as kids. It tells the story of some adults who return home to Derry, Maine to face an evil entity they feared during their childhood (and rightly so, since it was responsible for violently murdering local children). Despite wanting to enjoy their summer, the Loser's Club is stalked by a sinister looking monster known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgard).

This is particularly true of Bill's relationship with his lost little brother Georgie. One year after Georgie's supposed abduction, and the town isn't any closer to solving the case. And they soon connect the dots and realize that Pennywise is the one taking the children.

There's one thing potential viewers should know before watching the highly anticipated remake of Stephen King's It: Bring an extra pair of underwear. I hope some of the people who are afraid to see "It" reconsider - it really is worth going outside your comfort zone to see this one. Motormouth Richie (Finn Wolfhard, "Stranger Things") is the bespectacled wiseass, while Beverly (Sophia Lillis, an Amy Adams lookalike and star in the making) is the tough-on-the-outside female who deals with the rumors that accompany being a teenager. IT movie has all the elements.

With early reviews being extremely positive, it seems like director Andy Muschietti - who has got horror previous with Mama - hasn't been clowning around.

Bill Skarsgaard (Atomic Blonde) does Pennywise, and like Tim Curry from 1990 TV mini-series, he's pretty good. He's terrifying, oddly amusing and downright insane in this movie.

With New Line Cinema's Stephen King adaptation It enjoying a rather impressive opening weekend at the box office, it has been announced that the studio is officially moving forward with the second chapter.

While the Pops! version of any character is ordinarily cute and adorable, their latest version of Pennywise is downright scary. But for now, It is an incredibly satisfying horror experience for both fans of the book and newcomers.