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Israeli tank shelling Hamas post in response to army vehicle attack

Israeli tank shelling Hamas post in response to army vehicle attack

The Israeli troops were patrolling an area near the Gaza border in the southern Gaza Strip when the explosion took place, the Israeli military tweeted. Later in the day, the IDF forces struck six Hamas targets in Gaza in a "large-scale attack" which included a tunnel that stretched from Gaza into Israeli territory and two military compounds.

The proposed plan also calls for the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, keeping territorial water and airspace under Israeli control and reaching a "just solution" to the issue of Palestinian refugees.

In response, an IDF tank fired at a Hamas watchtower near the border.

In total, 18 terrorist targets belonging to Hamas have been attacked by Israel since Saturday evening.

The shots were fired at a Hamas facility located east of the city of Khan Yunis, according to Israeli media.

"The IDF views with great severity the attempt of the Hamas terrorist organization to carry out seemingly spontaneous demonstrations meant to turn the border fence area into a confrontation zone and carry out acts of terror that will destabilize Gaza", the IDF said.

"Today's incident on the Gaza border is serious".

Echoing the concern of other army officials, Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot last week warned the cabinet that the Gaza Strip could collapse due to the humanitarian situation.

"We hold Hamas responsible for all aggression from Gaza", Conricus added.

On February 10, more than 50 Palestinian protesters were injured by Israeli forces, which used live ammunition to suppress the 10th 'Friday of Rage' rally.

Army officials have expressed concerns the demonstrations could lead to clashes and escalate into a new war.