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Israel summit called off

Israel summit called off

Gnassingbe has been countering political problems in the form of mass demonstrations against his regime recently which are consuming a considerable amount of his time. In Israel and Africa: The Problematic Friendship, scholar JoelPeters said Israeli saw much of their own history reflected in the liberation struggles of African nations reclaiming their own lands from colonial powers.

The landmark visit to Africa by the Israeli leader would have followed Netanyahu's recent visit to western Africa in June to expand the Jewish state's ties on that continent, and his historic trip to eastern Africa last year - the first such visit by a sitting Israeli prime minister in 29 years.

"The decision was linked to the internal situation in Togo".

Nevertheless, Israel tried to put a positive spin on developments despite them being a significant setback to Netanyahu's spin and public position that Israel's current foreign relations were now substantially less negatively impacted by the Israel- Palestine conflict than in the past.

In a statement released on Monday, Israel's Foreign Ministry announced the postponement of the event without providing an alternative date.

The first ever Israel-Africa Summit scheduled to take place in October has been called off in the aftermath of boycott threats by a number of countries and pressure against the event from Palestinians and Arab countries.

"This is welcomed as good news by human rights organisations and the global BDS movement which has called for the isolation of Israel over its human rights abuses and violations of worldwide law", said BDS SA.

Israel has diplomatic relations with 40 out of 48 countries in southern Africa.

"Israel believes that the African countries and Israel can only benefit from the continuation of practical cooperation between the two sides, and this in important areas such as water, agriculture, health and technology", the Foreign Ministry said.

Netanyahu seeks to use the support of the continent to debunk the anti-Israel traditional majority in worldwide organizations such as the United Nations.