Is Trump's tough plan on immigration cracking?

Is Trump's tough plan on immigration cracking?

Though Ryan told Tapper, "We are not planning on erecting a deportation force", Trump muddied the issue in a 60 Minutes interview that will air Sunday night when he again promised to kick out undocumented immigrants with criminal records, believed to be 2-3 million people now living in the U.S.

The Wisconsin Republican circulated the letter as Congress reconvened for a lame-duck session following Republican Donald Trump's election as president.

House Speaker Paul Ryan tried to reassure elements of the public who are flipping out over the election of President-elect Donald Trump, stressing repeatedly that they should put their minds 'at ease'.

During his campaign, Trump insisted he would deport 11 million people living in the country illegally, with exceptions, but he distanced himself from that position as time went on.

Donald Trump told "The Wall Street Journal" that he may retain certain parts of the Affordable Care Act, a shift in tone since he promised to repeal it during his campaign.

Speaker Ryan responded to the concerns of millions by discussing what appeared to be another planet and an entirely different presidential election.

When it comes to products coming into this country, forget trade wars or tariffs as high as 40% like those Trump discussed on the campaign trail, Ryan said changes in the tax system will instead be used to make US workers and products more competitive. Thats not Republicans. We are the party of Lincoln.

'We need to have a solution for people with preexisting conditions, ' referencing a provision that protects people from getting excluded from private plans if they are sick.

This article has been updated with Donald Trump's comments. We believe and border security enforcement bill is the priority.

"That's not what we're focused on".

Tapper then queued up a clip of Trump speaking on MSNBC's Morning Joe in November 2015, calling for that "deportation force". "We're focused on securing the border", he said.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) refused to answer whether his plan to replace Obamacare would still provide free birth control to women with insurance. Rep. Ryan said, "First of all, I hate it that people feel this way. Thats what were focused on", Ryan said.