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IS teenager's baby son has died, SDF confirms

Home Secretary Sajid Javid and his office is in charge of deciding whether someone's citizenship gets revoked. Credit PA

Begum, who fled London to join the terror group in 2015, has been trying to return to the United Kingdom but was recently stripped of her citizenship.

The baby died later that day.

Home Secretary Said Avid said he did not know if the baby, a British citizen, had died.

As the Begum family lawyer emphasised the reports were unconfirmed, others said people in the camp had reported that the baby was still alive.

A spokesman for the Home Office told CNN that the Home Secretary can deprive someone of their British citizenship "where it would not render the individual stateless".

She married a Dutch man within days of her arrival in Syria when she was 15.

"I don't really want to stay here, I don't want to take care of my child in this camp because I'm afraid he might even die in this camp", she said in an interview with United Kingdom broadcaster Sky News shortly after giving birth.

The British Government could not confirm the reports.

Earlier this week, Mr Akanke tweeted a screenshot of the reply that they had received from the Home Office.

Shamima Begum captured on CCTV in 2015 on her way to the Middle East. Credit PA
Shamima Begum captured on CCTV in 2015 on her way to the Middle East. Credit PA

Speaking from al-Hawl before giving birth, Begum told United Kingdom newspaper The Times that she wanted to come home to have her child.

Miss Begum entered the Al-Hol camp for displaced Daesh families in Syria's north after fleeing the brutal fighting that was taking place in the group's last stronghold of Baghuz, on the east bank of the Euphrates river. Now 19, she has already lost two children prior to her latest child being born.

The baby, however, retained his citizenship and could have been allowed into the UK.

Begum told ITV that it was "kind of heartbreaking to read" a copy of the letter, calling the move "hard to swallow" and "a bit unjust on me and my son".

Her family, who pledged to appeal against the decision, also wrote to Mr Javid pleading with him to allow a safe passage for the boy to come to the UK.

Begum's family had announced the boy's birth on February 17, saying they believed he was "in good health".

Ms Begum's British citizenship was revoked on the grounds that she is eligible for citizenship of Bangladesh until the age of 21 through her parents' Bangladeshi dual nationality.

The development comes after British officials ruled out any effort inside Syria to extract Shamima and her child.