IPhone X Plus with even larger OLED screen tipped for 2018


First, it's interesting Apple is once again planning to increase the iPhone screen size.

Here's a listing of each iPhone X issue now being tracked. To be more precise, the iPhone X's Samsung supplied OLED display has trouble with sudden cold.

Just last week, several users reported of a mysterious green line running down the side of their iPhone X's brand new OLED display. Not to forget the screen burn-in issue with Google Pixel 2 XL which Google fixed in a recent update as it turned out to be a software issue.

Now the recently released iPhone X still has a 3-4 week shipping estimate and Kuo expects production will rise 35-45 percent this quarter compared to last quarter to keep up with demand for the upcoming holiday season.

Unlike previous iPhone launches that layered in new features while keeping the nuts and bolts of the iPhone intact, the iPhone X is a potential game-changer.

So far Apple hasn't publicly commented on the latest problem to afflict the shiny device but according to some reports the difficulty isn't down to the hardware but to the operating system.

Read the full report at MacRumors. A person who's spent $1000 on a phone will surely not bother such an issue. It's clear that the iPhone X has shaped the design in which we'll see on iPhone devices over the coming years. And when some users proved the issue to them by playing some sound right at the Apple Store, they called it a software issue and told them to wait for the next update.

"Battery life will return to normal when you bring the device back to higher ambient temperatures". Because these issues are manufacturing defects, you should be eligible for a free replacement. He states that a lower than expected demand for the iPhone 8 means that the Apple supplier Pegatron, which assembles the device in Taiwan, should expect fewer orders.

And then, there's Face ID. Apple has also introduced a new Face ID technology, which replaces the conventional Touch ID, which is found on the Apple iPhone 5S to Apple iPhone 8 Plus.